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With offices in Canada, the US, and Mexico, our extensive database of highly qualified candidates and our recruitment know-how will give you a competitive advantage. We collaborate closely with local headhunters and government organizations all around Mexico.

International Recruitment Process

We take pride in being experts in each of the four stages of the international recruitment process. We have a broad range of highly specialized professionals ready to guide and help you through every stage.

3) Immigration Cleareance

1. LMIA Process

1. Gather Client Information

We'll look after collecting the information we need from you to complete your LMIA application.

3. Interview Preparation

We'll coach and prepare you for the phone interview with an Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) LMIA officer.

2. Apply for LMIA

We'll complete and submit your LMIA application.

4. Assign LMIA

Successful candidates are given approved LMIAs to use in their work permit applications.

2. Abroad Recruitment

3. Immigration Clearance

Background Check

We'll help employees complete a background check to make sure they can enter Canada.


We'll give employees guidance on how to meet the biometrics requirements.

Medical Exam

If a medical exam is necessary, we'll make sure employees are aware of the process.

Work Visa & eTA

We'll give employees the information they need to comply with these steps.

4. Relocation

We understand the confusions and chaos the expatriates face when they move to a new city or country. The norms of the society, the traditions of the community living there, the lifestyle the neighbors are attuned to, etc. might be very different than what they were earlier used to. CUSMA Group provides your new workers with detailed orientation programs to settle-in comfortably, and integrate into their new country to call it Home.

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