International Relocation Process

New place, new culture, new colleagues, language, and customs – everything changes overnight. International Relocation is a tedious thing. Therefore, making rightful efforts and investing time in making smart decisions in your relocation process will help you execute a stress-free move. We present you with an “International Relocation Process” that will help your workers with this major move. The process covers four principal sectors:



  • “Introduction to Life in Canada” presentation.
  • Moving Abroad Checklist.
  • Travel Arrangements.
  • Travel Insurance Assistance.






  • Airport Meet and Greet (Welcome pack).
  • Brief about the city, medical facilities and infrastructure.
  • Community familiarization, including shopping facilities
  • Transportation
  • Comprehensive walk-through of employee’s new house.





  • Move-in day assistance.
  • Assistance applying for a Social Insurance Number and Health Card.
  • Support with opening a bank account and getting a cellphone.
  • Guidance with finding a new family doctor.
  • Assistance registering children in school.
  • Advice regarding utility payments.
  • Information on public transportation and driving permits.





  • Introduction to various resources and community groups.
  • Information about leisure activities and clubs.
  • Registration with their own embassies/ consulates if desired.
  • Overview of  legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Other support as requested by the family.

NOTE: The services listed above are generalized and may vary based on the province in which your company is located.

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